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Art Sale!

This summer while I was living in Wyoming, one of my biggest accomplishments was organizing and holding an art show.  I did it in conjunction with Cowley’s Days/the Pioneer Festival in Cowley, WY.  I would say that it was a grand success! At least, they now want to make it a tradition and have an art show annually.  We will have to see if the wind takes me back there this next summer.

In the meantime, here are some of the leftover paintings I completed for the show. If you feel like you can do so while staying true to your own art self, I think it is important to cater to your audience. Since I love painting pretty much anything (like really), I tried to focus on Wyoming landscapes, still lives, and lds art for the good Wyoming folk. There are also come Utah landscapes squeezed in there though. If you are interested in a piece, leave a comment or email me at brookemweber@gmail.com. Don’t be scared! Most are on sale right now.

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My friend moved intoFullSizeRender_2 a new home with lots of blank walls –> art commission for Brooke! And what’s more, I was able to paint a beautiful European landscape with a castle for it!

She started off by showing me various photos, and I had the freedom to piece them together and create my own composition. After compiling a master photo for reference in Photoshop, I got the approval and began to paint. Like other projects, I started with a drawing then moved on to an acrylic layer. I find this step particularly important when painting on large surfaces (this was a 30×40). If you don’t have the basic colors already put down, you often have to cake oil paint on to make it opaque enough (and oil paint is more expensive than acrylic paint). This painting took me about a week and was delivered right in time for Christmas.

Fun project! Happy days!

Burg Eltz painting

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Joseph Praying

I did this painting for the church crowd, but I hope that even if you don’t know the story of Joseph Smith, it can still be an enjoyable painting to look at of a pretty place in New York.  Also, it’s a good painting to use as an example.

My advice here is to take LOTS of photos of any potential painting subjects! People, places, things.  I had a mentor who just kept photos organized in folders for future reference.  This was an oil painting I did from a photo.  I was in upstate New York for 18 months, and I took lots of pictures. . .but still not nearly enough!  Luckily, I was able to paint this from just one good photo. A lot of times you won’t be so lucky, and in order to make a painting just how you envision it, you will have to combine elements from lots of photos. So you oughta have loads!  Then when you mesh photos together you will have to worry about matching the lighting and color schemes and so forth and so forth.


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I decided that I wanted to paint a portrait of our beloved family dog that passed away. Painting from life is always preferable, but not always possible.  So, to start out, I had to gather various reference photos. None of the photos I found was exactly what I had in mind, so I mashed a few of them together (this is a pretty common thing to do in illustration). After a neutral background wash, a little designing, and a rough sketch, I began painting. My conclusions are – almost never use flowers as background (I just got too lazy to change it once I saw how corny it looked), and a canvas surface is much harder to get detail on than a wood panel. I’m going to stick to the freedom of gessoed wood panels from now on I think.

If anyone knows anyone who would like a portrait done of a beloved pet, please contact me. I would love to do some more!

oil painting

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For 9 months now I have been working part time as a studio assistant for artist J Kirk Richards.  What a great experience it is! My job consists of painting, photoshopping, video editing, sketching, wood working, print packaging . . . basically just helping out with whatever current projects he’s working on.   One of the great things about working in his studio is that I get to be surrounded by wonderful art and the wisdom of an artist who has been very successful.  It’s always important to expose yourself to art and be practicing it a ton! (especially if you don’t have that aspect from art classes anymore like me) Besides that, I am gaining many new valuable skills.

J Kirk Richards is mainly a religious gallery artist, but he also dabbles in publishing.  You can see his art at http://www.jkirkrichards.com/

He also let me write a post on his blog about my job with him: http://jkirkrichards.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/how-to-treat-your-studio-help-a-message-from-kirks-art-assistant/#

A photo of me working on the underpainting of one of Kirk's biggies.

A photo of me working on the underpainting of one of Kirk’s biggies.

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During my summer internship with Cliff Nielsen I got this assignment to copy a portrait by the master Spanish artist, Velasquez. My last assignment was to use digital media to copy a painting, but this one was done traditionally with oil paints. It’s amazing how much funI had while learning so much at the same time!

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This is my very first attempt at having my very own website for my art!  It is important step I think all art students must make, but please bear with me as I learn the ropes and struggle through presenting my art . . . and making it presentable as well.  I’ll get better though I swear!  Like the title says, I’m just making my way.

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