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Rocks in the Grove (small)

Oops! I realized I haven’t posted in a while, so I’ll start being better. I try to post at least once every month. Anyway, here’s an oil painting (roughly 15×19) of a scene in a grove of trees  in upstate New York. I painted it from photo reference, which is generally accepted to be easier than from life. A lot of artists will look down on painting from a photo. Cameras will to some extent “translate” what we see for us, so we lose some of that liberty to do so ourselves as artists. Colors, light, form – much of this is compromised in a photo. If you paint from life enough however, you can probably use some of that experience to supplement a photo painting.  I prefer painting from photos because I find that when I paint from life I go way too fast and can’t take my time on detail at all. But I certainly agree that it’s very necessary skill to be able to paint from life, so basically, do both! Find your own method.

If you’d  like to know more about the location of this painting, see my post from my other blog: themakershands.wordpress.com

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