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Patridge (small)

I am working on a few Christmas art pieces and was struggling to think of a piece that is considered Christmas-y, but also can be enjoyed all year round. THIS is one of the results! Japanese style 12 days of Christmas! I quite like my Japanese heritage, and I know others enjoy Japanese things too. Who doesn’t love origami? …Right? 🙂

It’s a 10×10 oil on board in case you were interested.


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Wow! I’m so pathetic, I’m sorry, and for real I need to be better at posting! But no fear, I will fill in the holes with all my art stuff from the summer.

In my defense, I DID just get married n’ stuff, which is sorta a big deal n’ all. I tried to make my wedding a little me-ish, full of crafts and artsy things. Here are some things I did to do that….

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