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Oh mann! (my last name is Mann, get it?) I’ve been neglecting my posting too long and have much catching up to do. I will do it. Foremost thing I must announce is this (seeing that there’s a time limit) – the online show going on! It lasts only until November 21, so be quick! The theme was “All Things Good Report and Praiseworthy,” which is plenty obscure enough that you can basically see art of any kind in the show. Lots of amazing artists were chosen to participate, and there are beautiful landscapes, abstract works, LDS subjects, still lifes, etc. And of course, I have a few things in the show too. These are the ones I entered.

Another Testament (boston show) On Top Hill Cumorah (boston show) Rocks in the Grove (small)

Part of the funds received will go towards scholarships for student artists and other aspiring artists. So it’s for a good cause too! Here’s the link.


Sidenote: The newest one among these is my painting entitled “Another Testament.” It shows a peaceful scene of the future Book of Mormon in it’s place on the Hill Cumorah, before Joseph Smith took them. I walked around this sacred hill many a times during my mission in Palmyra and used personal photo reference and memories to capture this fall landscape.

*If by any chance you miss the online show that ends November 21, please contact me if you are interested in purchasing these or any other paintings.

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Art Sale!

This summer while I was living in Wyoming, one of my biggest accomplishments was organizing and holding an art show.  I did it in conjunction with Cowley’s Days/the Pioneer Festival in Cowley, WY.  I would say that it was a grand success! At least, they now want to make it a tradition and have an art show annually.  We will have to see if the wind takes me back there this next summer.

In the meantime, here are some of the leftover paintings I completed for the show. If you feel like you can do so while staying true to your own art self, I think it is important to cater to your audience. Since I love painting pretty much anything (like really), I tried to focus on Wyoming landscapes, still lives, and lds art for the good Wyoming folk. There are also come Utah landscapes squeezed in there though. If you are interested in a piece, leave a comment or email me at brookemweber@gmail.com. Don’t be scared! Most are on sale right now.

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That was the title of the workshop I attended at J. Kirk Richard’s studio a few weeks ago. Workshops are great. Maybe it’s because you learn something new from an instructor, maybe it’s because you can actually get something done when you’re focused and away from home, or maybe it’s because you get so inspired by working along side other artists!  In any case, they’re fun. I seriously get so distracted sometimes so it was nice to have set aside time to work on this.

Truth from the Earth (small)

I’m deciding on a name like “By the Power of God” or “Truth Out of the Earth” – something like that.  This is a historical scene from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint (LDS). It shows Joseph unearthing the golden plates from the Hill Cumorah on a fall day. I had lots of photo reference that I mashed together and tweaked the colors of (ie exaggerated the complimentary colors). Still haven’t decided if it’s done or not but either way, it’s for sale.

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Howdy!  I just created a small print store on my art website. There are only a few options right now, but hopefully one day things will expand.  In the meantime, basically any art of mine you see is printable – so I can make special print orders for you. And a ton of original artwork is available too!  Whatever floats your boat really. Thanks for reading! Here’s the link:






Secret Garden - acrylic

Secret Garden – acrylic


The Rabbit in the Moon - ink and watercolor

The Rabbit in the Moon – ink and watercolor


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JSFOur class was supposed to depict one of the seasons, and I decided to take a different approach.  For the most part I want to do children’s books, but on the side, I also want to do work for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (that’s my church folks). And here! I have an attempt at doing that line of work. This is a scene from the mission I served in western New York. It’s the Smith farm with a member of the family going out to tap the trees for sap in late winter. The time period is early 19th century. Um, the scanner stunk so I don’t know how some of the oranges became so red. Oh well. You get the idea.

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This place is so dear to me! Our class was given an assignment to do a landscape painting of our own choice, so of course I chose to do a scene from my mission for my church in Palmyra, NY. Western New York has to be one of the most beautiful places in the United States, or WORLD!  It makes such a huge difference when there is meaning behind the art piece you are working on.  When you are passionate about your work, you breath life into it.  I don’t ever want to do art I don’t care about.

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Coloring Book

This last semester I took up a job to do a 12 paged coloring book for LDS Mobile Applications. I got paid, used it as a school project, and had a fun time! You can download the coloring application for your Ipad or Iphone. Here are some samples…













See them all on the website

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