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Patridge (small)

I am working on a few Christmas art pieces and was struggling to think of a piece that is considered Christmas-y, but also can be enjoyed all year round. THIS is one of the results! Japanese style 12 days of Christmas! I quite like my Japanese heritage, and I know others enjoy Japanese things too. Who doesn’t love origami? …Right? ­čÖé

It’s a 10×10 oil on board in case you were interested.


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This is an illustration I did of the old Japanese folktale I heard as a child.  This is the story . . .

Once there was an old man who had a pet sparrow that he loved very much. ┬áHe took very good care of his sparrow, but his mean wife resented the sparrow. One day when her husband was gone and the sparrow was singing, she cut off the tongue of the sparrow. ┬áThen the sparrow flew away. ┬áWhen the old man came home and saw that his precious sparrow was gone he was very sad and went looking for it in the forest. The sparrow was there in his house waiting for him. As a display of gratitude the sparrow dressed in his kimono, danced for the old man, and offered him a gift. There was a small gift, medium gift, and large gift he could choose from. ┬áThe old man didn’t want to be greedy so he took the small one and went home. ┬áInside was gold and riches of all kinds. His wife was very angry when she found out he took the small one instead of the large one and went looking for the sparrow herself. Even though she was so unkind to the sparrow, the sparrow danced for her and offered her the same choice. She took the large gift without a second thought and left. When she stopped to check what was inside it, monsters and demons of all sorts jumped out at her! After that she decided to be a little kinder and less greedy.

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