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They Did All Eat (smaller)

This is my most recent project, and woo! It was fun. I really enjoyed mixing my two audiences – the religious folk and the youngun folk. The style is clearly more stylized for children, although I think it can appeal to the grown-ups too. I’m wondering if I should use this style/medium more because I liked the process and results so much. I used a permanent black pencil for the lines, and the rest was gouache paint.

The subject is, of course, Jesus Christ feeding the multitudes (story found in Matthew 15).

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This summer I got to go on a sponsored art trip for many students who attend or attended BYU.  There was a group of about 20 of us that was made up of photographers, illustrators, and studio artists. Our destination was Santa Fe. We started in Utah, and we were able to stop at various locations on our drive down there.

Here are a couple of some quick sketches from that trip. The first shows a pen drawing of some ruins in Arizona, and the watercolor shows a cathedral in downtown Santa Fe. The last image shows an example of how I collaborated with a photography student from the trip.  The goal was to make cross-genre art, and I worked closely together with this photographer to make many other images like this.


ruins santa fe trip DSCN0745

man and monster pet

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This last week our class went up Provo Canyon by Vivian park.  I went out with gouache paints (opaque watercolor) instead of oils.  It was a challenge for sure!  You can’t just lay your colors in and expect to blend later because the paint dries too fast.  And you can’t just smack the paint on as thick as you want either.  The fundamentals about color and painting landscapes are the same though, thank goodness for that!  Looking at beautiful nature while painting is one of the most meditating and fun things to do EVER – in my humble opinion. Yes, I’m recommending it!

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