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provo canyon 14

It’s fall time in Provo, and it couldn’t be more beautiful! October has gotta be the best month of the year here. The weather is gorgeous, the trees are gorgeous, it’s all just gorgeous! And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than plein air painting? It’s been a long time. I went up Provo Canyon just a little ways yesterday and painted alongside the fishermen by Vivian Park. I can’t say I fully captured the beauty up there right now, but hopefully you get the gist. Now I remember why my plein air painting class at BYU was my favorite. If there are other art projects that require you to be outside, I’d like to know because it’s the most peaceful and therapeutic combination.

2014-10-08 15.33.31

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This place is so dear to me! Our class was given an assignment to do a landscape painting of our own choice, so of course I chose to do a scene from my mission for my church in Palmyra, NY. Western New York has to be one of the most beautiful places in the United States, or WORLD!  It makes such a huge difference when there is meaning behind the art piece you are working on.  When you are passionate about your work, you breath life into it.  I don’t ever want to do art I don’t care about.

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