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We have come to a very special time of year when people tend to be (or should be) a little kinder, a little more grateful, and also maybe a little more cheerful. You have probably already seen the two origami “12 Days of Christmas” paintings I did to help commemorate the season, but this one is special in a different way.  First of all, I did it in a completely different medium (I drew it in pencil, scanned it in, and colored it digitally), but it also was created for the purpose of reminding people of the meaning behind this season and to encourage charity. I call it “Charity from a Child.” I think there is something beautiful about the selflessness and kindness young children often show. Where do we lose that innocence? I hope we can all be a little better, myself included.

Charity from a Child

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This is the couple of my previous “Partridge in a Pear Tree” origami piece. Maybe a little more unrecognizable, but that’s where the title comes in to clarify . It’s called “Two Turtle Doves”! Now there you go. Both are oil on panel.

I decided to photograph some of the main steps as I did this one…

1. I always start off any serious project with sketches for composition and sketches for color. If I have a good color comp, it makes the painting go  so easy. I’m not fiddling around with color anymore because I already know what I want. In this case, I really wanted an overall blueish painting, as my partridge was overall yellow.

2. Then I follow my sketchbook sketches and sketch out my painting on the surface I chose (this one is a gessoed wood panel)

3. I did a blue acrylic wash to encourage color harmony before I started painting.

4.Next is some rough acrylic painting. I know I don’t have to get all the details in perfectly because I am going to go over it with oils. It’s a lot easier to get those smooth blends in oil painting than acrylic anyway. So I am just getting the main colors in – that way if I don’t paint all my oil layer completely opaque, the color showing through works.

5. Oil time! I started off similarly to my acrylic layer by doing a blueish/whiteish glaze over the whole thing, just to make it wet (I used Liquin, which dries kinda fast). I prefer starting with painting wet into wet to make easier blending. I started building layers upon layers with different glazes and smaller and smaller brushes…

6. Then I finished off the smallest details with the most opaque of oils and painting wet on dry. Voila! (you may have to wait a day before you can paint on dry surface) It is finished!

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Patridge (small)

I am working on a few Christmas art pieces and was struggling to think of a piece that is considered Christmas-y, but also can be enjoyed all year round. THIS is one of the results! Japanese style 12 days of Christmas! I quite like my Japanese heritage, and I know others enjoy Japanese things too. Who doesn’t love origami? …Right? 🙂

It’s a 10×10 oil on board in case you were interested.


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Sometimes random freelance art jobs are extremely fun.  I love taking them on here and there for the variety.  This was a project I just finished for an album cover/logo for a song about how Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all get mashed together. I thought the idea for the song was pretty clever and realized the illustration for it would be fun, so I gladly took on the job.

For this project I first sketched it out just with a regular graphite pencil in my sketchbook. Then I scanned it in to the computer, tweaked the contrast a bit, and colored it all digitally in photoshop with my tablet. If you use “multiply” on your current layer when you color you don’t harm any black lines. It works great.


oween color finish without background

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