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I am planning on sending some of my children’s book stuff in to a publisher for review soon (I am not in any way published yet), and so I had to make a real life children’s book dummy! I remember learning about making them in one of my BYU classes, but how well does anything stick if you don’t practice it after years? (Let’s be honest) Therefore, I had to do some refreshing research for some minor details, and after a fair amount of work, voila!


Let me tell you though – a dummy is supposed to be just a rough version to indicate what a finished book might look like, so it should be a lot easier then, right? WRONG. It’s a TON of work! Planning, planning, organizing, composing, etc. etc. Then after all your spreads are mapped out, you still have to print it in the correct order so that it works when it’s all folded. Then, you must sew it together as well.  Here is what I did just in case anyone was searching for answers like I was . . .

1.I divided the text onto pages based on what I’d like to illustrate (Usually 32 pages in a book including title page (s), copyright, etc)

2. Did thumbnail sketches of the pages

3. A little tighter rough sketches in photoshop that display the composition and pacing of each spread (I like that on photoshop you can budge and alter without redoing the whole sketch)

4. Numbered all the pages and added the typed text in the appropriate spots

5. Then I printed it in the most absurd order so that I could stack all the spreads and fold it just once (like a taco). Another option would be to make multiple folds that you would then have to sew together and make a jacket for . . . which was too complicated for me. I’m no book binder.

FullSizeRenderThis is how the pages ended up being aligned. Print the pages in these combinations and you should be able to fold it all in order.

6. Sew time! I used my biggest needle and floss. I believe the thread just needs to be waxed for strength. The best explanation I can give is this video that I used. Basically, just make an odd number of evenly spaced holes down the spine to start off, then sew in and out through them. The more holes you have the stronger.  I used 5 holes, and I also opted out of the extra jacket.

IMG_5002 IMG_5003

7. I glued the blank sides of the pages together and trimmed the edges so it all looked even. The End! So easy right? Ha ha.

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As an illustrator who loves monsters and other fantastical things, naturally, I have been working on multiple children’s books with monsters as characters.  If you saw some of my other posts, you would have noticed my big Monster Safari project I did which is going to end up as a 32 page picture book.  This is another one I’ve been working on called Bill and Sue (title could still change though).  It is about these two monster kids that love to go on imaginary adventures and particularly love to pretend to be humans.  It’s good fun and should be a pretty funny book!  The dummy version of the book is done (which is the rough draft version that is shown to publishers), and I also worked on a couple finished pieces.  Now I just need to submit it!  As well as my other stories.  Be on the lookout for them because one day they WILL be in bookstores.

bill and sue 9 bill and sue finished exThe top is a pencil sketch.  The bottom is black ink and acrylic on masonite board.


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Jeep Safari

In order to get to each habitat, you have to travel with Professor Monstro in his monster jeep. This is the latest addition to my show! (check out the rest in the BFA show tab and if you’re in Salt Lake be sure to stop by to see it in person at the public library December 9-January31)

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Monster Safari is back and with vengeance!  My BFA show is going to go up again, this time in the Salt Lake public library in the children’s department. Very appropriate I’d say.  Here’s a link to the page :


Well, I have a whole room to fill so I’ve been gathering up some old sketches and working on a few other things. I will have the same paintings of monsters from before (see my Monster Safari page!) with Professor Monstro as the guide, but I will also have a new spread of paintings and an exclusive “Making of Monster Safari” section. Viewers will be able to see the preliminary sketches like so . . .

2013-11-15 23.19.03 2013-11-15 23.19.42

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Hello! I’ve been very preoccupied recently with Monster Safari – my BFA show!  It’s basically like the culminating event of an art student’s college experience. My own show starts you off with a tour guide who then takes you through different habitats. First there’s the savannah, then the mountains, and then the jungle.  Each place has various monsters to look at and read about! Pretty exciting stuff for nerds like me.  This is the invite, and after the show I will post some of the images.

Monster Safari Invite

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monstrousesYa so I LOVE monsters. I’m the monster girl in my illustration group at BYU. I did this in like 10 minutes but still find it so charming. I have a children’s book I wrote about two monster friends and their imaginary adventures, and I’d like to do it in this style. I just hope I’m not alone in loving this sort of illustration style!

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Woops! Sorry this is so very late that I’m posting this! Um. What to say….this is a painting that I did….it’s gouache paints and india ink….it’s a witch using a new form of transportation other than a broom. Kinda fun…ya.

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Our class all did this prompt from this strange foreign contest with this random theme – “buffet”.  What do you do with that???  I thought of buffets and what they are all about, and my thoughts led me to making choices. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when there are too many delicious foods to choose from, I get overwhelmed!  There isn’t enough space in my belly to try it all!  SO! You have to choose.  Life is sorta like that.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do everything you want, so you have to choose.

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